About us


The famous global chain of cafes is known for its unique offer of coffee beverages, as well as for numerous salty and sweet treats and a unique ambience.

In 1883 Antonio Pascucci, the son of tailors, decided to dedicate himself to trade and become “industrialist”. He devoted himself to the food trade, amplified by the fact that on July 15, an agreement was concluded between Italy and England, which envisages freedom of trade and navigation between the two countries. Among the foodstuffs he traded was a raw coffee that became his biggest passion. In 1935, Mario Pascucci devoted himself to the work his father started, opening the first store in Monte Cerignone, which will be led by his wife Domenica. After the war, Dino Pascucci, Mari’s brother, opens the first coffee shop with espresso coffee and his specialty will become coffee and coffee products.

The first Pascucci coffee in Montenegro is open in Bar and in the beautiful surroundings of both the cafe itself and the summer garden, we expect. Along with the traditional top-quality coffee, there are also specialties of our kitchen that we prepare according to your requirements.



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